Part of the excitement of purchasing a new home is deciding upon what items you need to make that house your home. We have compiled a list of some not so obvious items that are a must have in every home. We also made some product recommendations based on our personal experience!


1) Coasters

No one wants a sticky ring of soda left on their new table. Coasters are affordable, a great way to keep things clean and another small way to express your own unique decorating style. Find any coaster you can think of here.



2) House Plants

House plants are a must for every home. House plants have been proven to reduce stress and purify the air inside your home. They also just look great and add a decorative touch to any home. We recommend looking for the Plants on this list at your local nursery!


Laundry Hamper

3) Laundry Hamper

Unless you’re a bachelor or a college student throwing your dirty clothes in a pile on the floor isn’t an option anymore! Laundry hampers keep your floor tidy, make it easier to do laundry and can be very decorative when you shop at the right place. We recommend looking for your next laundry hamper here.


Tool Set

4) Tool Set

A good set of tools is a must have for anyone! Start looking for a high quality tool set that includes a hammer, phillips and flat head screw drivers, and a mix of nails, hooks and other hardware. The right tools will stand the test of time and last forever we recommend Craftsman.


Fire Extinguisher

5) Fire Extinguisher

We know you’re not planning on burning the house down next time you decide to cook up some ramen noodles, but just in case it never hurts to have a good fire extinguisher. There are many different kinds and they all do pretty much the same thing. We recommend starting your search here.



6) Flashlight

When the power goes out and you don’t want to trip over things on your way to the bathroom you’re going to wish you had a flashlight. LED Flashlights are affordable easy to find and last for a very long time. We think flashlights are a must have in every home check out our favorites here.


Coat Rack

7) Coat Rack

Having a convenient place near the entrance of your home to hang a jacket is a must. We recommend an affordable and stylish coat rack which will keep your kids coats off of the floor. Check out our favorites here.



8) Scentsy

Every house collects a variety of smells that can be unpleasant when mixed together. Unless you plan on running through the house with a can of Febreze every day we recommend picking out your favorite scents for each room and investing in a Scentsy. Don’t know what these nifty things are? You can read more about them and buy them online here.


Kitchen Timer

9) Kitchen Timer

There is so much to remember when you’re moving into a new home a kitchen timer is an easy thing to forget about. With smart phones, iPads, and stoves with built in timers this might seem like an item you could go without. However, when your phone is dead, you’re trying to watch your favorite TV show in the next room, and your kids stole the iPad, a kitchen timer comes in handy. Timers are affordable, classy, and decorative. That is why they made our list of must haves for any home. Go to Bed Bath & Beyond for a huge selection of kitchen timers!


Duct Tape

10) Duct Tape

Yes you read that right, duct tape fixes just about everything, works great to tape up moving boxes, and can be used for all those school projects your kids bring home! Find more creative ways to use duct tape here.

Okay so we’re not sure how duct tape fits on the list, but we wish you the best of luck in your new home and we hope this list has helped.