Step 1: Save

You will want to save for multiple things:

  • Down Payment
  • Closing Costs
  • Escrow for Insurance and Taxes

Step 2: Improve Your Credit Score

There are a variety of ways to improve your credit score, for instance:

  • Stay current on bills
  • No major purchases
  • Don’t cancel any credit cards
  • Higher credit score means a lower interest rate

Step 3: Calculate What We Can Afford

You will want to determine what you can afford by calculating a new house cost and speaking with a professionals.
See our finance page for assistance!

Step 4: Get Mortgage Pre-approval

Be sure to shop around and see all of your options before making your decision.

  • Shop for the best deal
  • Choose primary and backup lender

Step 5: Decide What You Want in a Home

This is where the process starts to become fun!

  • Create a wishlist/checklist
  • Save images and use tools.

Step 6: Choose a Realtor

Choose a realtor whom you feel comfortable with and won’t be pressured into buying.

Step 7: Visit Homes

While walking through different home be sure to:

  • Take photos and make notes
  • Bring your home shopping checklist from Step 5

Step 8: Narrow Choices

Take your time when narrowing down options and take these steps:

  • Visit the neighborhood during the day and at night to gauge traffic, noise, safety, etc.
  • Test the Commute
  • Consider it’s resale value

Step 9: Make an Offer

Be aware of common contingency opt-outs:

  • If home appraises for less than mortgage
  • If inspection reveals flaws owner won’t fix
  • If you lose your job before the deal closes

Step 10: Schedule Home Inspection

You will need to schedule the home to be inspected to make sure everything is just right.

Step 11: Final Walk-through

The final walk through will be when you text small gadgets throughout the house to be sure everything works:

  • Test light switches and socket
  • Check that windows and doors work
  • Test faucets, drains, and toilets

Step 12: Close and Move-in!

Now that the deal is sealed you can move into your very first home with the pride of a job well done!