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12 Steps to Buying Your First Home

Step 1: Save You will want to save for multiple things: Down Payment Closing Costs Escrow for Insurance and Taxes Step 2: Improve Your Credit Score There are a variety of ways to improve your credit score, for instance: Stay current on bills No major purchases Don’t cancel any credit cards Higher credit score means […]

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10 Items Every Home Needs

Ten Creative Ways To Organize Your Home

Ten Creative Ways To Organize Your Home   1. Use a wine rack for towels 2. Mount coat hooks near the door for a handy shoe rack 3. Put trash bags on a roller in a cabinet   4. Use an old tissue box to store plastic bags 5. Use magazine racks for can food […]

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How to Keep Your Home Clean All Year!

It’s a brand new year, 2016 is coming in hot! If you’ve got goals to get your life cleaned up and organized, here are some tips for you: 1. Make your bed: Your bed takes up a lot of space. If you make sure your sheets are smooth and pillows are in place, your room will […]

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10 Items Every Home Needs

10 Not So Obvious Things Every Home Needs

Part of the excitement of purchasing a new home is deciding upon what items you need to make that house your home. We have compiled a list of some not so obvious items that are a must have in every home. We also made some product recommendations based on our personal experience! 1) Coasters No […]

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DIY Pom Pom Magnets

 You will need the following: • Yarn • Sharp scissors • Small magnets • Glue gun • Fork Wrap the yarn around the fork. Don’t worry about it being very tight. I wrap mine around 20-25 times. Next, take a few inches of yarn and slip it through the middle of the fork, top and bottom, […]

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10 Ways to Washi

What is washi tape? Well, its a rather strong masking tape made from a very decorative paper. You may have seen it popping up in craft stores lately and there are about a million different ways to use it! Take a look at a few: 1) Decorate your office supplies.    2) Make plain jewlery pretty.  3) […]

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Make Your Home Smell Great!

  Make your home smell great with these 4 home fragrance recipes!   These awesome recipes and more can all be found in the links below: Jandee Crafts The Nourishing Gourmet Tip Nut Morgan Moore

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