pom8 You will need the following:

• Yarn

• Sharp scissors

• Small magnets

• Glue gun

• Fork

pom7 Wrap the yarn around the fork. Don’t worry about it being very tight. I wrap mine around 20-25 times. pom6Next, take a few inches of yarn and slip it through the middle of the fork, top and bottom, so you can tie a knot around the bundle as shown. This knot is very important, it needs to be REALLY tight. You can tie a lose knot, then slip the bundle off of the fork to make it as tight as can be.   pom5 Once you’ve tied a double-knot, you can start snipping away at all of the loops you’ve made. The sharper the scissors, the easier this will be.  pom3 Now, all you’ve got to do is glue a magnet on the back an, voila! pom2 Make as many as you want and enjoy your cute new magnets!