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The Finance Process


Get Started

The first step in the process is to contact one of our lenders and apply for a mortgage. You will be asked to provide specific financial information to get things started.

Choose Your Loan

After reviewing your application, our lender will help you determine the loan and payment options that best suit your needs. Once you are satisfied, your file will be reviewed and pre-approved.


Before your home is finished, an appraisal will be ordered and your file will be updated to confirm that nothing has changed. Your file will then be reviewed by underwriting for final approval.



With your application approved by underwriting, you will make arrangements to meet with our title company to sign the final loan documents.


Post closing, it usually takes one business day for your loan to fund and record. Once recorded, you will officially own the home.


Once the recording of your loan is verified, we will get in contact with you to turn over your keys. Get those boxes ready because it’s time to move in!

Fieldstone Preferred Lenders

What is a “Preferred Lender”?

Since 1997, we have done business with countless mortgage companies and lenders. Some experiences have been great, and some have been not so great. From our extensive experience with these lenders, we have been able to narrow down whom we prefer to work with. These select “preferred lenders” have gained our trust by consistently providing our home buyers with great customer service, extremely competitive rates, and overall positive experiences.
We highly recommend using our preferred lenders, not only because they provide low closing costs, very competitive rates, quick loan approval, and various lending programs, but they also grant you an added monetary incentive (ask for details).
In end, we know you can count on them for the same reasons we do, to get things done right and in a timely manner.


Deidre Kay

Senior Mortgage Officer

(385) 244-0604




Marc Western

Branch Lending Manager

(801) 208-5222