It’s a brand new year, 2016 is coming in hot! If you’ve got goals to get your life cleaned up and organized, here are some tips for you:


1. Make your bed: Your bed takes up a lot of space. If you make sure your sheets are smooth and pillows are in place, your room will look 100x cleaner!


2. Unload the dishwasher at before breakfast: This will prevent any dirty dishes from piling up in your sink and making a mess. Keep loading the dishwasher throughout the day and turn it on before bedtime.


3. Throw it away: If you order something online or buy it with a lot of packaging, make sure your throw it out. Sort it fast to recycling and garbage and never see it again!


4. Clear and Wipe your Counters Daily: Make sure your kitchen counters are clear and wipe them after mealtime. This will keep them from getting grimy and keep your home feeling fresh!


5. Take off your shoes: Shoes bring a lot of excess dirt, debris, and germs into into the home. Have your family and visitors take them off and leave them at the door.