Decorating your home can be fun, but VERY expensive! If you’re looking to save a buck, consider your online options. Here are some unexpected sites you might try:


#1, Urban Outfitters: a mix of expensive and less-expensive options, all very trendy. There is usually a good selection in their ‘sale’ items as well.



#2. Wake Up Frankie: Mostly for bedding a pillows, it allows you to filter through products by style making shopping a little easier.



#3. H&M: an unexpected place to find home goods, but this is a fantastic site if you are looking for chic, yet cheap.



#4. Pottery Barn: they have it all for every room of the house. Loads of variety, there is something for everyone.



#5. Cotton On: this is another hidden gem, they’ve got some really cute odds and ends.5