Our New Townhome Model in Scenic Mountain Community

We have a new townhome model, The Vista, within our Scenic Mountain townhome community located in Eagle Mountain! The Vista floor plan includes extra windows as an end townhome, while The Sunrise is the interior townhome, with both still providing plenty of natural lighting by having many windows included in these designs. Learn more of […]

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Good Things Utah

It’s Grand Opening weekend at Fieldstone Homes. Announcing the newest model home at Scenic Mountain Townhomes in Eagle Mountain that is amazing and full of unique design ideas. Fieldstone Homes is taking home building to a new level across the Wasatch Front. With a THINK BOLD attitude, Fieldstone Homes has a gorgeous new townhome model […]

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How to Strike a Design Balance Between Trendy and Timeless

Following interior design trends to decorating your home isn’t what design is about, but finding the mix between trending and timeless pieces, is.  Shag carpeting. Beaded curtains. Carpeted walls. Indoor wicker furniture. Over the last 50 years, people have followed some truly horrifying design trends. And you’ll notice you (hopefully) haven’t seen a single one […]

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Top 3 Reasons to Buy VS. Rent

Written by Peoples Home Equity, one of our amazing financial lenders.  Homeownership is the American Dream.  With interest rates at record lows, now is the perfect time to buy! 1. Appreciation: Real Estate over the next five years is forecasted to increase by 20% along the Wasatch Front.  As a home appreciates, it accrues faster […]

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News: UtahValley360 Recognizes Fieldstone Women In Business

 Written by Ansalee Morrison from UtahValley360 Headquartered in Draper, Fieldstone Homes builds homes up and down the Wasatch Front for its clients, but the homebuilder itself has also become home for its more than 70 employees.   Although most of those toiling on the construction sites are men, both men and women work in the other […]

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