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Lehi, Utah is a rapidly growing economic hub full of growth, opportunity and prosperity. Known as part of Silicon Slopes for its rapidly growing tech scene, Lehi has attracted many tech companies in recent years and is growing to become a second economic center in Utah in addition to Salt Lake CIty. Lehi is also a growing community for property investment and residential communities with the latest in design and modern home building technology.

Having built over 5,000 homes across the Wasatch Front, Fieldstone Homes selected Lehi, Utah as a site for two beautiful residential communities with custom-designed townhomes and single family homes. Fieldstone uses the latest in modern design and features and allows customers to select their home layout as well as interior and exterior features to create the perfect home they love. Learn why Fieldstone Homes in Lehi are a favorite for families in Utah County and how you can build your dream home in Lehi, Utah.

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Building a Home You Love with Fieldstone Homes

Floor Plans

Choose from one of our expertly designed floor plans available for each of our communities. You get the benefit of professional expertise in designing your home layout without the hassle of drawing the plans yourself, and still giving you the freedom to choose a design that you love. 

Custom Designed Features

Personalize your home with custom interior and exterior design features. From flooring, to exterior, to appliances, etc., you get to select the features you love to make your home yours. The Fieldstone HomeFitting Center offers thousands of options in a fun, no pressure environment. We also have design team experts to help walk you through the process and give you insights if needed.  

Customer Experience

We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer experience possible. We want your home buying experience to be a fun adventure rather than a hassle or stressful pain.  We remove the stress by making it fun and exciting and by offering you both the opportunity to customize and the resources you need to build a home that you will love and will hold its value for many years to come. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Home Ownership

Owning your own home is often seen as the measure of financial success for the average American. Yet in today’s fluctuating market many are skeptical of home ownership as the best financial move. Home ownership is a great financial move because owning your home allows you to build wealth over time as well as building equity each month as you make payments on your mortgage. 

Owning your own home also provides tax benefits from homeowners credits as well as other tax deductions. And in a sense, home ownership is like a built in savings plan, in forcing you to save money each month for your mortgage which funds invest in your home as an asset that typically appreciates in value over time. Home ownership is a long term financial investment, that while intimidating at first, is actually most often cheaper than renting in the long run. And you can have peace of mind knowing you are investing in your own financial future instead of paying to invest in someone else’s.  

Home ownership also provides freedom and flexibility and the opportunity to make the place you live your own. You can invest in the property and make improvements as needed and you have complete control over the place you live. You can buy a pre-existing home or consider building one of your own, and you have complete control over the process. These are just some of the many benefits that come with home ownership.

Building Your Home: Custom Homes vs Production Builds

When deciding to buy a home, generally you have two options available: buying a pre-existing home or building your own. Within the building a home category you also can choose between a production built home or a custom built home. A production build is a home that includes a pre-designed floor plan, and pre-installed features and fixtures. Everything comes pre-designed and ready to go and you simply sign off on it. This type of home is advantageous for those who want to own a home but are not interested in participating in any design processes and are flexible with the home's features. 

However, for those who want to invest their own ideas into a home or who want to customize to their family’s needs, a custom home can be a great choice for you! Custom homes allow more flexibility and the ability to have input in the home’s layout, interior design and exterior features. Within the custom home sphere, there are many options available from drawing your own floor plans with an architect and self-contracting the work, to companies who provide some design help and resources that can aid you in the process. 

Fieldstone custom homes offer the best of both worlds, the ability to help in the process of your home design without the hassle of creating everything yourself. Choose from one of several professionally designed floor plans available in each of our different communities. Then use our HomeFitting center and our design experts to select the interior and exterior features you love, including carpeting, countertops, paint and so much more. Our method takes the stress out of building a custom home while still allowing you to invest in the design process and make your home truly yours.  We have design experts who can help answer any questions you may have and we will communicate with you and walk with you the whole way to make sure you get the best experience possible in building your custom home. 

Why Build a Home in Lehi, Utah? 

Lehi, Utah is an area rich in both history and opportunity. It was originally settled by pioneers who emigrated to the Rocky Mountains, and today it is one of the fastest growing cities in Utah. The community of Lehi is largely made up of working professionals and young families and is a great place for single family homes and peaceful residential neighborhoods. Lehi is also known for its booming economy including over 4,000 small and large businesses and a rapidly growing tech industry known today as part of the Utah Silicon Slopes. Lehi also has great opportunities for families including 14 high quality private and public schools including elementary, secondary and high schools. And nestled between the Wasatch and Oquirrh mountains, Lehi has abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation including hiking, biking, fishing, water sports and over 28 city parks. Truly, Lehi is the place for families and individuals to build a life they love, and a great place to invest in building a home you love as well.

Our Lehi Communities

Fieldstone Homes currently offers two excellent communities in Lehi, Utah. Additional communities may come in the future as well. Feel free to browse and learn more about each community by clicking the links below. You can also reach out to a Fieldstone representative with questions or for additional information.

The Fieldstone Home Building Process

Building your own home can seem intimidating or stressful, especially to those who aren’t familiar with the process. However, this process isn’t as scary as you think and can actually be a fun, exciting adventure for everyone involved! 

Before deciding to buy a home, the first step is to decide what you want and what you can afford. Knowing your budget and the things that are most important to you in your home will help you select the right location and style of home and will help you decide if building a home versus buying an existing home is best for you. Once you have determined your budget and been approved for financing, your next step is to select a location where you would like to live. Location is everything, and having a home that you love in the right location for you can make all the difference. Consider visiting several locations or model homes to learn about the area and decide if that location is right for you. 

Once you have selected your location, the next step is to choose a floor plan. Unlike some builders, Fieldstone Homes makes this process as easy as possible by giving you several professionally designed layouts to choose from. Select the home layout that works best for you and feel free to discuss with a representative any changes or concerns you may have. Then, once you have selected your floor plan and purchased a lot, you can proceed to select interior and exterior features and begin construction on your new home! It is as easy as that, and not only is it easy, but the process can actually be fun!


About Fieldstone Homes in Lehi

We love building homes! As we help people build homes that they love, we find that we are truly building lives. We help individuals and families to build a home that they love in a location and community that helps them thrive. Truly, we want you or your family to love where you live. 

Fieldstone is one of the largest home building companies in the Utah and Salt Lake Valley areas and has been in business in Utah since 1998. We have a history of experience building custom quality homes and offering top notch customer service as we seek to be transparent, helpful, communicative and to do what is best for our customers. We build homes to last and hold their value for years to come, and we work to make the whole building experience as least stressful as possible both financially and throughout the design and building process. Fieldstone is proud to serve customers all along the Wasatch Front and has won several awards throughout the years including Best Exterior Design by Parade of Homes and the #2 Builder in Utah from Utah Business Magazine. We are proud of what we do and love to use our business to help customers build better homes and better lives. 

To learn more about Fieldstone and our communities please visit our communities or about pages. You can also learn more about our Fieldstone agents by viewing our agent page as well. Or feel free to give us a call with questions for a no hassle, no pressure consultation.  We would love to answer your questions and see how we can help you build the right kind of home for you.

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