Enjoy time spent at home during quarantine by making your home feel more cozy with these quick and easy tips.

With most of us all around the world at home self-isolating right now, we've been spending more time than usual in our homes, many of us getting stir crazy as we've ended up doing just about everything from working to online shopping for our essentials. It's a stressful time and what we need most is to make our homes feel more relaxing while we're recommended to stay inside. How can you make your home more comfortable during quarantine? Just ask your introverted friend (over the phone of course) on how to do so or keep reading on!

You won't be spending all your days in bed anymore thanks to these helpful tips, but feel free and cozy up in any area of your home when needed. Here are tips to make your home cozy during quarantine so you can feel more relaxed and enjoy time spent with family.

Tidy Up Your Space

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It's difficult to relax when your home is a mess, that's why the first step to creating a more tranquil and cozy space is to do a spring cleaning. Declutter by throwing out anything that doesn't serve a purpose and organize your things that add value to your life in one way or another, such as keeping family photographs and useful objects, from kitchenware to your tech. Once you've done this, you'll notice how easy it is to unwind from having a clean space.

Rearrange Your Furniture for Better Flow

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You're going to want to move your furniture in the rooms you spend the most time in with your family or self, such as your living room and bedroom, to create a better flow. By doing so, your new arrangement will make your space feel more open and maximize floor space. The last thing you and your family need is to have your home feel cramped and claustrophobic while you're stuck inside together.

Consider Lighting

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During the day, open your blinds or windows to let natural light in and keep you from feeling down as you soak up some vitamin D from the sunshine. As for nighttime, consider dimming the lights in your bedroom as you read a book or get ready for bed. Use lighting to your advantage in order to create the feel and mood you're going for, so you don't end up sitting in the dark every day and forgetting what time it is.

Another suggestion is to add fairy lights to your living room or bedroom to give your space some soft lighting as you watch a movie or listen to music.

Bring in Earthy Tones With Plants and Colors

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Plants, wooden pictures frames, wicker baskets, and other earthy decor can bring the outdoors inside. There are plenty of places to set plants whether large or small, by organizing them on a bedside table, entryway table, in a corner of the room, or kitchen windowsill. These bits and pieces of nature will bring a calming effect into your space to feel more peaceful.

Have Plenty of Soft Blankets and Pillows

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There's nothing more comforting than snuggling up with plenty of pillows and blankets with your loved ones while watching a movie. Let's not forget afternoon cuddles with your pet too (if you have one)! Make sure to have blankets accessible by placing them in a basket near your couch, reading chair, or at the end of your bed.

Add Scent with Your Favorite Fragrances

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Our sense of smell plays an important part in how we feel and experience the world around us. So find candles, home spray, perfume, incense, or any scented item you like to make your home feel cozier. Place them in the center of your home, either in your living room or kitchen so the lovely scent can travel far.

Take a bath with the scent of lavender to calm your senses, wake up in the morning to a fruity fragrance to energize you, or set a romantic dinner date up with a vanilla candle burning. Pick a signature scent to become your go-to fragrance for your space, that way you'll associate it with your favorite place, your home.

Play Music

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Let's talk music! Changing up your mood and the ideal vibe of your home is easiest by simply turning on your favorite tunes. It's one of the quickest tips to apply, but often forgotten when it comes to creating a relaxing space. Think about the last time you've lounged around and felt most comfortable. Was there music? We want to guess, yes?! Music is a wonderful tool that can inspire us while working, motivate us during a workout, and calm our worried minds.

Create a few music playlists depending on your mood so you can instantly start playing songs that rock with your vibe. An upbeat playlist for your home workout (or go outside for a run), fun playlist for dance parties with your family, one for when relaxing and reading a book, and so on!

Make Your Bathroom Like a Spa

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Who doesn't want their bathroom to be like a spa? Your bed and couch shouldn't be the only places to relax in, if anything, your bathroom should be too! Getting ready in the morning, chilling in the bath, or singing in the shower, all should be quite enjoyable no matter what other people say. Bring in all the tips mentioned above to your bathroom, from candles to earthy decor, and your bathroom will feel like a sanctuary in no time!

Keep Your Workspace Separate

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Don't you dare work from your bed all day! Ok, we've all been there, done that, but your workspace should be separate from your chill space. You don't have to have a home office to do this either, it could be a corner of a room where you do your work in or a spot on a table anywhere in your home, as long as you have a designated area to work where you do nothing else. This keeps your work life separate from your home life in the best way possible, making it easier to relax once you're done with work.

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Which of these tips do you need to apply right now? What decor do you already have in your home that makes it feel more cozy? What songs are you adding to your new music playlist? You can bet we're updating our music playlists over here, too!