Choosing a gift for your mom for Mother's Day can be challenging, especially last minute. That's why we've collected up a few last-minute gift ideas to help, for a Mother's Day gift guide, home edition! You can use these ideas as inspiration to create a DIY gift or find similar items and personalize them for your mother! 

Mother's Day, a special day dedicated to your mom to show her how much she means to you. The last thing you want to give her is a gift that she won't ever use! We've gathered up a few last-minute gift ideas and we're calling it our Mother's Day gift guide, home edition, where these gifts will make the perfect addition to her home.

A Personalized Candle

Is your mom a fan of a simple scented candle? Who's mom isn't?! Give her a candle with cute wording on it like this one from Bath and Body Works, which says "You Are Loved." It's more personal and will remind her of you every time she lights it! Find a similar decorative candle that'll add something special to her family room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Gardening Tote

If your mom has a green thumb for gardening, she may love the idea of a gardening tote to carry all of her gardening necessities around. A stylish one like above might also motivate her to spend more time on a hobby she enjoys! For springtime, this makes the perfect gift!

Sheet Set

Something that often goes unnoticed and forgotten is purchasing a new set of bedsheets. Changing out sheets can bring more comfort for better sleep. Gift your mother a new set of sheets that also happen to have stellar online reviews, and she'll be thanking you!

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Flowers are the ideal Mother's Day gift and for good reason! Who doesn't love the sight of beautiful and fresh flowers in a home? There's something amazing about flowers and what they add to a room. Easily order flowers to be delivered to your mom on Mother's Day with a personalized message. She won't be able to hold back a smile when she receives them, especially if you choose her favorite flowers!


Give your mom decorative pillows she can replace her old ones with that exudes her home design aesthetic. For example, if she loves the bohemian look, find her a couple of pillows like this one in a textured appeal to enhance her living space. They'll add her preferred style and provide more comfort to a couch for relaxing.

Wall Art

Pick out wall art of any kind that reminds you of her, such as a cute quote on a wooden frame, an abstract art piece, or even portraits of loved ones. Whenever she sees it, she'll be reminded of you and appreciate the stylish touch it adds to the home.

How will you be spending your Mother's Day? Any special gifts you're getting for your mom?