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Summit County is a lively area that’s known for its gorgeous scenery, diverse economy, and impressive quality of life. Summit County is famous for its world-class ski resorts and provides endless outdoor recreation options! Residents and visitors alike can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hiking, golfing, mountain biking, camping, and more! Summit County is also known for its impressive amount of award-winning restaurants, local shops, and charming history.   

With over 5,000 homes built across the Wasatch Front, Fieldstone Homes has brought the latest in modern design and features to Summit County, Utah. Fieldstone Homes builds beautiful residential communities featuring custom single-family and multi-family homes. Build the perfect home as you select your home layout and interior and exterior design features. Learn why Fieldstone homes are a favorite for families in Summit County and how you can build your dream home in Summit County, Utah.

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Building a Home You Love with Fieldstone Homes

Floor Plans

Choose from one of our expertly designed floor plans available for each of our communities. You get the benefit of professional expertise in designing your home layout without the hassle of drawing the plans yourself, and still giving you the freedom to choose a design that you love. 

Custom Designed Features

Personalize your home with custom interior and exterior design features. From flooring, to exterior, to appliances, etc., you get to select the features you love to make your home yours. The Fieldstone HomeFitting Center offers thousands of options in a fun, no pressure environment. We also have design team experts to help walk you through the process and give you insights if needed.  

Customer Experience

We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer experience possible. We want your home buying experience to be a fun adventure rather than a hassle or stressful pain.  We remove the stress by making it fun and exciting and by offering you both the opportunity to customize and the resources you need to build a home that you will love and will hold its value for many years to come. 

Why Build a Home in Summit County, Utah?

History & Location

Summit County has a vibrant and diverse history. Echo Canyon was home to settlers, pioneers, and even a historic railroad. And while early pioneers and miners faced hardship during the Great Depression, their ingenuity allowed Summit county to become the world’s gateway to Utah. Today, Summit County covers a scenic, mountainous area northeast of Salt Lake City and includes 4 cities and 2 towns.


  • Coaville
  • Kamas
  • Oakley
  • Park City


  • Francis
  • Henefer


There is so much to do outdoors in Summit County! Park City Mountain Resort is one of the most popular resorts in the area because it’s the world’s largest single ski and snowboarding resort. Families will also love Olympic Park, which features activities like bobsledding and zip lining. Echo Reservoir and Rockport State Park are favorite stops for fishing, boating, and water skiing, but they’re certainly not the only option since Summit County boasts over 100 lakes. To learn more about the history of Summit County and how they transformed the area from mining to skiing, stop by the Summit County Historical Museum.

Shopping & Dining

The most unique shopping experience to be had in Summit County is down historic Main Street. There, shoppers experience a unique blend of local restaurants, galleries, and boutiques. For those wanting the traditional mall experience, the Outlets at Park City has over 65 shops. 

Park City is also renowned for its food scene, which both builds a loyal following and draws in new visitors thanks to its award-winning restaurants. Top restaurants include Riverhorse on Main, Purple Sage, and Five 5eeds.


Three school districts serve the communities in Summit County, including North Summit School District, Park City School District, and South Summit School District. There are also multiple charter and private schools to pick from in the area.  

Working in Summit County

WalletHub lists Utah’s economy as the second-best in the country and Summit County performs an integral part in Utah’s high ranking. Summit county strives to build up its economy with future job growth by encouraging entrepreneurs, expanding and retaining its current jobs, and attracting new companies to come to the area. 

Our Summit County Communities

Fieldstone Homes currently offers an excellent community in Summit County, Utah. Additional communities may come in the future as well. Feel free to browse and learn more about each community by clicking the links below. You can also reach out to a Fieldstone representative with questions or for additional information.

Enjoy the Benefits of Home Ownership

Build wealth by paying a mortgage! In today’s fluctuating market, some might be skeptical that homeownership is the best financial move. But homeownership is actually a great investment because owning a home allows you to build wealth over time as you accumulate equity each month through payments on your mortgage. In a sense, homeownership is like a built-in savings plan, compelling you to save money each month for your mortgage. Not only do you build equity, but your home will accrue appreciation much faster than stocks! With real estate expecting to increase by 20% along the Wasatch Front, it’s a great investment.

Mortgage costs stay the same while rents rise. Homeownership is a long-term financial investment that, while intimidating for first-time buyers, is most often cheaper than renting in the long run. With rent in Summit County skyrocketing, you can step away from the rising costs and have control over your home payments. You have peace of mind knowing you are investing in your financial future instead of paying to invest in someone else’s. Plus, owning your own home also provides tax benefits such as a homeowner’s credit and other tax deductions. 

Homeownership also provides freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to make the place you live your own. You can invest in the property, make improvements as needed, and have complete control over the place you live. You can buy a pre-existing home or consider building one of your own, which gives you complete control over the process. These are just some of the many benefits that come with homeownership.

Building a Home vs. Buying Existing

You’ve decided that you want to buy a home in Summit County, but now the question remains: should I build a new home or buy a used one? While buying a resale home has benefits such as living in an established neighborhood or allowing you to transform a fixer-upper, buying a new home has a lot of advantages!

When you build a home, you get to choose your own floor plan. You may have your heart on an open-concept floor plan, spacious master suite, or a jack and jill bathroom. But finding an existing home in Summit County that matches your floor plan preferences might be difficult. At Fieldstone Homes, however, we have so many floor plans to choose from! Not only can you pick a floor plan that you like, but you can adjust it! Add a fourth bedroom, third car garage, or choose to finish your basement. Building a new home means that you get to customize your house to suit your family’s lifestyle.

Not only do you get to pick a floor plan you love, but you get to customize the inside to your personal style. With an existing home in Summit County, it can be an uphill battle trying to find a home that matches your style. Instead, building a home means that you get to select your own flooring, cabinets, countertops, paint, and more! 

Building a new home is also more energy-efficient and safe. It may surprise you to know that new homes are actually 30% more energy-efficient than homes built just a decade previously. The reason lies in the products used in the home: better insulation, energy-efficient windows (Low E), and more proficient heating and cooling systems. Homes are also safer—no surprise lead paint here! All homes are built to today’s safety code, which means better circuit breakers, safer garage door openers, and more environmentally-friendly building materials. 

While some people relish a do-it-yourself project, building a new home means you won’t be forced to do costly repairs yourself. A lot of older homes in Summit County will necessitate repairs that will be pricey, such as roof repairs, HVAC system replacements, and new carpeting. However, new homes come with brand-new materials, quality appliances, and an outstanding warranty. Now you can just enjoy your new, low maintenance home.


The Fieldstone Home Building Process

Building your own home can be overwhelming, especially to those who aren’t familiar with the process. However, this process isn’t as intimidating as you think and can be a fun, exciting adventure for everyone involved! 

Before buying a home, the first step is to establish your budget! Knowing how much home you can afford will help you focus your home search. The next step is to get pre-qualified for financing. We recommend using one of our “preferred lenders.” They have gained our trust by consistently providing our homebuyers with great customer service, extremely competitive rates, and an overall positive experience. Plus, our preferred lenders grant you an added monetary incentive. With your pre-approval amount in mind, you can now select the right location, style of home, and home type for you. When selecting where you want to live, we know that location is everything! Having a home that you love in the right location for you can make all the difference. Consider visiting several communities or model homes in Summit County to learn about the area, allowing you to decide which community in Summit County is right for you. 

Once you have selected your location, the next step is to choose a floor plan. Unlike some builders, Fieldstone Homes makes this process as easy as possible by giving you several professionally designed layouts to choose from. Select the home layout that works best for you and feel free to discuss any changes or concerns you may have with a representative. Then, once you have selected your floor plan and lot, you make an appointment with our design center. There, our experienced interior designers will help you build the home you’ll love as you select your interior and exterior features. Once that’s done, we begin construction on your new home in Summit County! It is as easy as that! Not only is it easy, but the process can actually be fun!


About Fieldstone Homes, Your Summit County Home Builder

We love building homes! As we help people build homes that they love, we find that we are truly building lives. We help individuals and families to build a home that they love in a location and community that helps them thrive. Truly, we want you or your family to love where you live. 

Fieldstone is one of the largest homebuilders in the Utah and Salt Lake Valley areas and has been in business in Utah since 1998. We have a proven history of building custom quality homes with top-notch customer service. We seek to be transparent, helpful, communicative, and to do what is best for our customers. We build homes to last and hold their value for years to come while making the whole home building experience as smooth as possible—both financially and throughout the design and building process. Fieldstone is proud to serve customers in Summit County and has won several awards throughout the years including Best Exterior Design by Parade of Homes and the #2 Builder in Utah from Utah Business Magazine. We are proud of what we do and love to use our business to help customers build better homes and better lives. 

To learn more about Fieldstone and our communities in Summit County, please visit our communities or about pages. You can also learn more about our Fieldstone agents by viewing our agent page as well. Or feel free to give us a call with questions for a no-hassle, no-pressure consultation.  We would love to answer your questions and see how we can help you build the right kind of home for you.

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