We admit, we're not the biggest fans of mid century modern style, but whenever we Pinterest the style we discover new and fresh ways that we would definitely like in our own home. There are always aspects of a design style that you can incorporate in your own space whichever style preference you have. Think of the show Mad Men when it comes to Mid Century Modern style. Defined by the 60’s with starburst shapes, angled legs, and rounded edges. Let us help you a bit at how you can add the style into your own home, by sharing with you a few ways you can by where to add it into a room. This makes it a whole lot easier, instead of just looking at photos for inspiration. Down to the nitty gritty details! Who knows, maybe we'll even add these tips into our own spaces. If we do, you’ll all be first to know. Enjoy!

Where: Living Room

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With a coffee table or couch, this style can be shown in your living room in a heartbeat. We would pick the coffee table since it’s the most inexpensive option, but go with your gut. A pecan colored anything can exude the mid century modern style into your home, so go for one like this in the photo above. We like how the room is kept neutral with the style complimenting the space, since that brings a modern touch to the living room. Almost everything in this room speaks of the style though, so choose a few pieces you like best for your living room. Whether that be the circular mirror in the corner, table lamp, white side table, or uniquely shaped accent chair.

Where: Bedroom

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We love how the dresser has a two-tone finish with white, as we prefer our furniture in white. It’s refreshing and adds a modern take to the style. If you’re looking for adding more color to your bedroom, a bright colored headboard will do. A final touch to the design is the natural wood wall mirror.

Where: Bathroom

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Metallic accents anywhere and/or everywhere express Mid Century Modern style. For example, as the piping for the shower, sink, or towel rack. Your bathroom can keep a clean appearance with white walls if you want to add a geometric print anywhere as tile on the floor or shower.

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Where: Kitchen

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I think the easiest way to add this design style is through greenery. Not only in your kitchen, but throughout your house. This is our favorite décor tip EVER because we think plants and flowers add something special. This palm plant is so cool in the corner of the room. Another way to feature this style is with pecan wood. It can be as simply as a few cutting boards of the color and a wooden vase or as bold as the cupboards in this kitchen.

Where: Entryway

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Your entryway will look good at all angles with an angled bench. Too cheesy? We know, but we just went with it. A bench with angled legs adds that mid century modern aesthetic to your entryway. This is one area of my home that will definitely incorporate the style. We love everything about this cute little entryway in the photo, the plants, white chair, picture frame, keeping everything simple. Yes, please! It’s got a Scandinavian influence that we're all down for. Such a useful spot to set my bag and organize my shoes underneath. If you’re not into a bench, go for a hall tree or bookshelf of a pecan wood.