We're excited to be starting our first ever series on the blog, called the style series, where we'll be explaining a few interior design styles that are current and on-trend for you to easily incorporate whichever one or few that you like into your home. 

We’re beginning with the ultra-popular Modern Farmhouse design style. The mix of modern and farmhouse has been trending for a while now and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon (thanks to Joanna and Chip Gaines’ Target line, Hearth & Hand). Take what you like, get inspired, and go with it by adding modern farmhouse style into your own home or apartment to freshen up your living space and add personality. Enjoy!

Living Space  

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  • Reclaimed wood/distressed wood elements – All homes featuring a modern farmhouse appearance include wood elements, whether that be with a shelving unit, shiplap walls in a bathroom, wide plank floors throughout the home, or with a classic sliding barn door leading into the master bedroom. Wood element bring the farmhouse vibe into your home by adding texture and a natural element. 


  • Neutral color palette with pop of color – White seems to be a recurring neutral color for the modern farmhouse style. White painted brick walls and wood cabinets or white furniture. An accent color along with white and other neutral colors bring life to a room or home by giving it a fresh feel. We love a light green or baby blue color palette mixed with neutrals as it’s so refreshing. You’ll also see a lot of black and white in this design style. For example, a mudroom will have a black bench and chalkboard with a white wall.
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  • Mix of old and new – Old becomes new again in function. Especially with vintage things and wood. Paint wood in a fresh new color to update the look of furniture or décor. This also applies to incorporating urban industrial elements into your home and pairing them with vintage and modern textiles with bright colors and bold florals. This can be used in a bedroom by having a quilt in a modern print positioned by a reclaimed wood nightstand.


  • Greenery – This is one of the most powerful décor elements that cannot be forgotten. The farmhouse theme rarely goes without plants or flowers. You’ll see flowers in metallic pots, glass mason jars, and wooden crates, with plants sprawled throughout a house in any corner of the room or table top. It adds the outdoors in, with little glimpses of nature indoors. These are the best houseplants for every room in your home (link). 


  • Natural materials – Natural elements in your home, from wood lanterns filled with lavender next to your fireplace, metal pendant lighting in the kitchen, wicker baskets in your entryway, a straw rug under your dining table, or a stainless steel undermount sink in your kitchen. Any natural elements can be mixed with others as they complement each other. No need to only have steel as the only metal in your home, add copper too or any others.


  • Vintage accessories – Adding vintage thrift shop finds throughout your home can create a farmhouse style. This also includes rural style oil paintings you come across. That rocking chair you saw at the yard sale you were at counts too, along with old furniture that needs a fresh coat of paint.


  • Clean lines and minimal design – For the modern part of modern farmhouse, anything that encompasses clean and minimal style is considered. That means open shelving in a kitchen, simple wood dining table, or a streamlined couch.


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  • Barn door accents/features – A TV stand, nightstand, or kitchen cabinet features a barn door look for a farmhouse feel. It shouldn’t be painted red though, and instead be in a neutral color like white.


  • Wood in different finishes – Antique, distressed, reclaimed, or in a dark finish, wood centric furniture is ideal. As a side table, console, bathroom sink, counter stools, chairs, and outside bench, wood is a durable element that looks farmhouse-y.


  • Rustic benches, café style chairs, industrial stools – The furniture when it comes to modern farmhouse style should take center stage. It should be the focal point in a room, not the décor. The furniture should spruce up the room from clean lines and crisp colors to texture and materials. A modern couch in a light gray color that’s comfortable to sit on with a wood side table featuring x-shaped metal accents creates a blend of styles that encompasses the modern farmhouse theme and makes your home look stylish.


  • Wire or mesh accents – It’s intriguing to see a piece of furniture mix a metallic feature. Such as x-shaped metal sides on a coffee table, metal hardware corners on a TV stand, mesh metal cabinet fronts on a kitchen buffet, or metal hinges on an accent console. We think furniture is more unique when it incorporates more than one material into the design.

Do you incorporate the modern farmhouse style in your home or want to? What pieces do you have or what do you have your eye on that you want to add? Is this design style your favorite, and if so, why?